Al Bore, No More

Okay, so I’m all about the environment, but I’m not all about Al Gore.  An Inconvenient Truth?  Look, I’ve got a truth that may not be so convenient for liberals out there: global warming is controversial.  Period.  There are a great number of opinions and stances, so it drives me bananas that Bore has a chunk of the world singing his tainted tune. Don’t get me wrong.  I believe it’s happening — sure, the Earth is heating up, but there are way too many questions still pending an answer.  For starters, why is it that we’re being told this is the hottest it’s ever been?  If the glaciers once melted and if new discoveries indicate that there was once vegetation on Greenland then how is it that this is the only time that the Earth has been in a heat-infested state?  It’s obvious that Mother Earth has encountered her fair share of hot flashes; this isn’t a new phenomenon, but it is causing quite a divisive stir among scientists.

With that said, I believe that we need to cut our dependency on foreign oil.  I believe that we need a comprehensive plan that protects Americans’ health and prosperity, so yeah, let’s work on cutting fossil fuel dependency.  In the end, it’s in America’s best interest.

And while I am undecided on the particulars of my global warming stance I do know this: Bore should be uniting conservatives and liberals by finding the pieces of the puzzle we all agree on, not simply eliciting his own views on controversial science and political opinion.  Sure, he’s right.  Global warming is a moral issue, but the truth behind the issue is foggy, not merely inconvenient.

Since we all can’t agree that it is or isn’t cyclical and since the issue is complex, why can’t Bore sit down and find comprehensive, bi-partisan solutions?  Let’s free ourselves from our energy dependency on foreign nations and let’s work toward improving public health by cutting fossil fuel omissions.  After all, we can all agree that these are important components.  And, in the end, if global warming is caused by humans, then everyone wins.

But I suppose that this would be the correct and mature way to cope with the situation (not to mention, doing the right thing means not making money).  Unfortunately, Bore finds the need to continue on his path to political recuperation by dividing.  Too bad he’s not conquering.   And just think — a man so brilliant he once claimed to be the Internet’s creator and he can’t gather enough sense to make cohesive statements.  Sigh.  All done for tonight.