Abort Potential?

When it comes to the abortion debate, there are strong inclinations on both sides of the political divide. First, you have the pro-lifers who maintain that abortion (in most of its circumstances) is murderous. Then, you have the pro-choicers who believe that the abortion is allowable and that it should be left is up to the woman. Many of the same individuals mentioned in the latter claim that while they would not personally have an abortion, it is wrong to infringe upon another person’s right to do so. So, my question is — when speaking about “rights,” what about the right to live? Don’t aborted "fetuses" have the right to life?  The reason I am against abortion is the same reason that I am generally opposed to the death penalty. Should human beings have the right to choose when an individual enters of leaves the earth? Is it up to us?

The most frustrating portion of the pro-choice defense is the inclination that life does not begin at fertilization. Not only is this absurd, but it is a scapegoat that enables individuals to rationalize abortion processes. Life is life; it isn’t conditional based on the mother’s needs, wants or circumstances. Now, most pro-choicers are probably fuming at this point, but consider this: Even if you do not believe that life begins at fertilization, it is impossible to deny that abortion kills potential. This, in fact, is what I believe to be the most detrimental part of the equation.

Each year hundreds of thousands of lives are aborted. Since the 1970’s (and prior — illegally), millions of babies have been canned. Think about the lost lives – the potential that each person would have had. It’s almost scary when you consider that many of those zygotes would have developed into inventors, scientists – possibly even individuals with the capability to cure debilitating diseases. There is truly no telling what society has lost at the hands of abortion.

The potential that is locked inside of each individual prior to birth – even at that moment when the sperm fertilizes the egg – is incalculable. It’s truly a tragedy. With this said, I do understand the socioeconomic and socio-political issues that lead women down this path. I am well-versed in the outlier cases of rape, etc., but at the end of the day, when you look at the world in terms of potential, abortion is on par with the death penalty. In many ways, it may actually be worse.

It’s time that we come together to fix our adoption system, to encourage women to follow through and to amend the social issues that force so many individuals to accept abortion as an acceptable practice.